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2021 Corn Grain Variety Test Plot Results

The 2021 growing season marked WNYCMA’s nineth year of organizing and facilitating corn grain trials.

The 2021 Corn Grain Trial results are in and full results are available at:

Western New York Crop Management would like to extend a big thank you to the seed companies: Brevant Seeds, Hubner Seed, Local Seed Co., LLC, Pioneer, Seedway, LLC, Syngenta-NK Brand, and WinField United for the seed and financial support; Torrey Dairy Farms, Inc., Hildene Farm, Inc., CY Farms, Field Craft Farms, LLC, and Verratti Farms, LLC for providing the equipment, time, and land; and to the staff at WNYCMA for their hard work. The cooperation of these three groups of people made it possible to do these trials. If you would like to host a corn grain plot on your farm, please contact your crop consultant. Thank you and and we look forward to successful harvest this year.

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Grain Plot Results

The results of our 2020 Corn Grain Test Plot are in.

All of our plots have been harvested and the data has been analyzed. To view the results please go to our test plot results page.

Special thanks goes out to the farms that hosted our test plots.

Grain Plots:

  • Field Craft Farms, LLC
  • Hildene Farms, Inc.
  • Horizon View Enterprises, LLC
  • Torrey Farms, Inc.
  • Verratti Farms, LLC

Silage Plots:

  • Edelweiss Farm LLC
  • Field Craft Farms, LLC
  • Hi-Land Farms
  • Maple Lawn Dairy, LLC
  • Sregnuoy Farms LLC
  • Swiss Valley Farms LLC

More thanks go out to everybody that helped plant, grow and harvest these plots.

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