Avery DeGolyer

Avery DeGolyer graduated from Cornell University in 2003 and has been working at WNYCMA ever since. Avery's professional expertise is focused on software development, GIS, database management, and precision agriculture.

2021 Silage Variety Results

Corn Silage Variety Plot Results are Now Available

To view the results please go to our test plot results page.

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App issues resolved

All app issues should be fixed.

After a lot of emergency fixes and hurried testing everything is back up and running properly. Please contact us if our apps or other services are not performing properly. Thank you for your patience.

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App issues

It came to my attention this morning that our app was having problems

retrieving spatial information from our server. The cause of the issue is an undocumented change from a 3rd party service provider.

I have a solution to this issue and have just repaired the long press functionality on all of our products. There are a lot more issues that need to be fixed. These issues will be repaired one by one throughout the night in the order of most breaking first. I hope to have everything working normally at some point late tonight.

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Grain Plot Results

The results of our 2020 Corn Grain Test Plot are in.

All of our plots have been harvested and the data has been analyzed. To view the results please go to our test plot results page.

Special thanks goes out to the farms that hosted our test plots.

Grain Plots:

  • Field Craft Farms, LLC
  • Hildene Farms, Inc.
  • Horizon View Enterprises, LLC
  • Torrey Farms, Inc.
  • Verratti Farms, LLC

Silage Plots:

  • Edelweiss Farm LLC
  • Field Craft Farms, LLC
  • Hi-Land Farms
  • Maple Lawn Dairy, LLC
  • Sregnuoy Farms LLC
  • Swiss Valley Farms LLC

More thanks go out to everybody that helped plant, grow and harvest these plots.

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Silage Plot Results

Our 2020 Corn Silage Variety Test Plot Results Are now available

To view the results please go to our test plot results page.

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Android app issues

UPDATE: Some users of our android app have been experiencing problems

Patches for our android app are now available on the play store. They should be automatically delivered to your phone. If not go to the play store and search for wnycmap or wnycmapplicator and click update.

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Calling All Scouts

WNY Crop Management is looking for individuals who would be interested in scouting

for us this coming season, from mid May to mid August. You would be out walking the fields and reporting your findings. Reliable transportation is necessary.

Email your resume to office@wnycma.com for consideration for this position.

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Site Launch

Welcome to wnycma.com

Welcome to wnycma.com. We have spent a lot of time upgrading our website and are very excited to have you using it. Cma clients are encouraged to create an account and interact with their farm's data. There will be continual feature growth in this project so keep your eyes on this space.

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