Chautauqua County Soil Health Field Day

Chautauqua County Soil Health Field Day

Chautauqua County Soil Health Field Day

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

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2021 Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting Schedule

The WNY Crop Management Association Annual Meeting is Online this year.

The meeting is scheduled for 11AM Wednesday, February 24th. Meeting room opens at 10:30 for Sign-in/Pesticide Registration purposes.


11:00 -12:00 "5 Years of Mistakes"-Jason

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App issues resolved

All app issues should be fixed.

After a lot of emergency fixes and hurried testing everything is back up and running properly. Please contact us if our apps or other services are not performing properly. Thank you for your patience.

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App issues

It came to my attention this morning that our app was having problems

retrieving spatial information from our server. The cause of the issue is an undocumented change from a 3rd party service provider.

I have a solution to this issue and have just repaired the long press functionality on all of our products. There are a lot more issues that need t

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Grain Plot Results

The results of our 2020 Corn Grain Test Plot are in.

All of our plots have been harvested and the data has been analyzed. To view the results please go to our test plot results page.

Special thanks goes out to the farms that hosted our test plots.

Grain Plots:

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Silage Plot Results

Our 2020 Corn Silage Variety Test Plot Results Are now available

To view the results please go to our test plot results page.

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Will New York Reopen in Time for First Cutting?

It has certainly been a perplexing year in every way. As I write this article on May 8th I look out the window and see snowflakes falling. Not more than ten minutes ago I answered questions from a farmer as he planted corn into 45 degree soils. I am afraid we are going to see a lot of chilling injury on corn that was planted this past week. I have also fielded calls asking when first cutting is going to be ready. I looked online for answers from Albany, but found none. Guess I will have to rely on the best information I have and my own experience.

Alfalfa and grass must be confused. March started out fairly warm and dry. Alfalfa, which very much develops according to heat, took off. Then April was cold and quite wet and things quit growing. May has been dryer but still cold with a few warmer days. Growth has been by stops and starts.

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Planter Leveling

Recently I got a call from a farmer who wanted help in getting his planter leveled in the shop.

I visited the farm and proceeded to go over how to level the planter in the shop with a particular tractor.The real answer really is the shop is not a  good place to do that job. You really need to be in the field with the planter in the ground planting. It is best to be level or slig

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