Planter Leveling

Recently I got a call from a farmer who wanted help in getting his planter leveled in the shop.

I visited the farm and proceeded to go over how to level the planter in the shop with a particular tractor.The real answer really is the shop is not a  good place to do that job. You really need to be in the field with the planter in the ground planting. It is best to be level or slig

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What are the Risks of Planting Corn Now?

Cold Soils & Risk of Imbibitional Chilling Injury in Corn

It's May 1st. The forecast shows some unseasonably cool temperatures this coming week. By the calendar we should be safe to plant corn now, right? Indiana growers were asking the same question about two weeks ago. The following are some excerpts from an article on imbibitional chilling in

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Android app issues

UPDATE: Some users of our android app have been experiencing problems

Patches for our android app are now available on the play store. They should be automatically delivered to your phone. If not go to the play store and search for wnycmap or wnycmapplicator and click update.

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Permit Requirements for Construction Activities

The advent of spring often brings with it a flurry of construction activities.

If your farm is planning for new barns, bunk silos or certain other structures, you may also be required to obtain a General Permit for Stormwater Discharges (SPDES Construction Permit). This requirement is often overlooked by farms and a number of facilities have been cited during CAFO inspectio

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Your Cooperative is 4R Certified

Western New York Crop Management Association (WNYCMA) is excited to announce that the Warsaw location has completed its first year of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification process.

“This new 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program encourages agricultural retailers, service providers and other certified professionals to adopt proven best practices through the 4Rs, which refers to using the Right Source of Nutrients at the Right Rate, Right Time in the Right Place” (4R

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COVID-19 Response

As COVID-19 takes center stage...

in media disseminations and governmental mandates change, almost by the hour, Western New York Crop Management is implementing practices that aim to keep our employees and clients safe and productive. We fully acknowledge that we are coming into a critical time for planting and maintain our commi

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Calling All Scouts

WNY Crop Management is looking for individuals who would be interested in scouting

for us this coming season, from mid May to mid August. You would be out walking the fields and reporting your findings. Reliable transportation is necessary.

Email your resume to for consideration for this position.

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Are you and your corn planter ready for great yields?

Corn planters operated out of adjustment and at too high of a speed can lower yields up to 20 bushels of grain or 4 tons of silage per acre

The tire pressure also has a profound effect. Why does this happen? Uniform seed placement and correct depth are very important. Poor seed depth and spacing will reduce yields and waste great genetics, good soil fertility and effective herbicides. If the planter drops doubles or triple see

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