Planter Leveling

Recently I got a call from a farmer who wanted help in getting his planter leveled in the shop.

I visited the farm and proceeded to go over how to level the planter in the shop with a particular tractor.The real answer really is the shop is not a  good place to do that job. You really need to be in the field with the planter in the ground planting. It is best to be level or slightly higher in front.  The main frame is what you should look at first. The best way to eyeball it by running along side or riding in a four wheeler. If it was level last year it might not be this year due tractor tire wear or wear on the bushings in the hitch. If the planter is low in front it may push residue in front or not close the slot well in back .If for some reason one has to switch tractors this has to be looked at again. No two tractors are the same.Sometimes a very mellow field will allow a tractor to settle more and more adjustments have to be made.