Deirdre DeGolyer

COVID-19 Response

As COVID-19 takes center stage...

in media disseminations and governmental mandates change, almost by the hour, Western New York Crop Management is implementing practices that aim to keep our employees and clients safe and productive. We fully acknowledge that we are coming into a critical time for planting and maintain our commitment to provide the services that you expect from our organization, unless restricted by local, state or national authorities. Although our commitment remains the same, the methods of delivery and day-to-day practices may be altered. The following safety protocols have been enacted in order to protect you and our staff.

  • We have closed the offices to visitors, except by appointment.
  • We will not make an unannounced visit to your farmstead. Any on-farm meetings will be scheduled and confirmed.
  • We have increased the cleaning and disinfecting frequency within our office space and encouraged staff to practice the hygiene protocols advised by the CDC.
  • We have implemented practices that facilitate social distancing such as allowing employees to work from home, when applicable, utilizing technology for remote conferencing, and employing alternative methods for delivery of recommendations and reports.
  • We have encouraged staff members that feel sick, or have a family member that is sick, to remain at home.

We acknowledge that each of you are making similar decisions for your farms and are committed to honoring any restrictions that may result. As always, we are available by phone, text and email. Recommendations and scouting reports can be delivered in person, by email, or as a drop-off at the farm with a follow-up phone call for review. If you would like drop-off locations to be changed from previous practice, please contact your consultant. We will continue to scout your fields and provide the follow-up information in whatever format you prefer. In this unprecedented time, we will continue to assist you in feeding the world. Stay safe, healthy, and productive!

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