Variety Test Plots

Unbiased crop variety trials for corn grain and silage.

Variety Test Plots

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Manure Spreader Calibration

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Applicator App

ApplicatorApp for custom applicators on their Android devices.

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Privacy Policy

WNYCMA Privacy Policy

WNYCMA Collects the following data and uses the following data. None of this data is sold to other companies. This data may be anonymized and used for research and generating benchmarks.

  • Your Name
    • Used to identify you and connect you to your farm's data.
  • Your Email Address
    • Used to identify you and connect you to your farm's data.
  • Your Fine Location
    • Used to show a location dot on the map to assist with field operations.
    • Also used to collect the location of scouting observations.
    • This data is not collected in bulk.
  • Farm Records and Recommendations
    • This data is owned by the farm it is being collected for.
    • If you want to remove this data from our system please contact your consultant and we will provide it for you.
    • With your consent this data may be shared with custom applicators or other farms.



To use this app you must be one of the following

  • An active employee of WNYCMA
  • A member farm working with WNYCMA
  • An employee of a custom applicator that purchased our custom applicator mapping package.